During my career as music therapist I worked with a lot of different clients, among others with adults and children in psychiatry, with multiple disabled people and with children and young adults at risk. However in working with autistic people I really developed my expertise. The reason for that is that working with these people challenged me as a musician: very often there was no other way of communicating possible than just in and with music. This made me not only relay on, but also explore and develop my musical abilities in and outside of music therapy. It is therefore that my interest in the music in music therapy, it’s possibilities and effects, grew. This interest led to researches on specific parameters of music e.g. sound color and  timing. During my master education I investigated the use and effects of Sound and sound color in improvisational music therapy .  My PhD trajectory led to the thesis Shared Time, concerning the time related elements in the musical interaction with autistic children (both thesis's can be found by clicking on the titles). Many of my lectures and workshops (were and) are dedicated to aspects of the music in music therapy. 
It is my opinion that the craftsmanship as a musician is essential in the profession of music therapist.